Saturday, February 11, 2012

My New Obsession- Jeffrey Campbell Lita !

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

This is my newest obsession, I mean I'm idolizing these wonderful shoes since a week ago. They look so amazing and comfortable. I have not bought yet, but I need, I have to buy this shoe. I love it. Unfortunately I can not do a review now. But when I buy, I promise to do a better review for you guys.

Thanks, xx. Taa ;*


  1. i ADORE them shoes! I love the style of it, bulky? if thats the right word, haha! Great post! You should do a OOTD with the shoes when you get them.

    1. Oh yeah ! they are so gorgeous :) Thanks for checking my blog. I'm gonna do a OOTD when i get them & i'm thinking about doing videos and put on youtube too :) hope you keep checking <3 thanks and your blog is amazing too :) xx