Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Miley Cyrus Again

Miley Cyrus is involved in another major controversy. This time, avideo of the singer's birthday party fell into the net. In it, she makes statements about marijuana use.
When her friend Kelly Osbourne thanks for the party, Miley blurts out: "Thanks for having me wait for 3 hours and give me a party.This cake is amazing. You know you're a pothead when your friends give you a cake Bob Marley, "he said. The singer alsocontinued: "That's how you know you smoke too much weed."
The video is already one of the most talked and made webadvice to Miley's ruling. In a statement, the singer's representatives say that "everything was taken out of context" and that Miley "was sarcastic joke because of the cake."
What did you think of Miley's statements about marijuana?

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